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It's all Good

Dave's Not Here Man!!

An Iconolastic Live Journal Landmark
20 June 1945
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Anyone seeing t he age 58 in my bio is ilnow advised that after June 20 they should mentally change it to 66. One more six on my age and I'll get my little devil pin... Who da thunk I would last this darn long. Not me....... So hang on tight::snirk::

My name using Egyptian Hieroglyphs!


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This icon made for me by my good friend ladyjsaltzer

Speaking of friends here is what some of them say about the inspector.

"Inspectorjury, never leave home without him! you pick."
girl_quiet--who knew she was oriental?

"Dave loves Canadians, that makes him top in my book!" :)

"Inspectorjury is a man that deserves much respect. He speaks his mind and has a great attitude."
bewitch What can I say? She's under my spell.

"Shut up and Listen, Bitch."

"Inspectorjury is a gentleman with a heart of gold who could teach us a thing or two."
valkyries Heart of gold? I think I'll sell it on Ebay and buy munchies.

"Girls be warned: Cuddly bear ahead. Filled with humor and a nice wink of the eye.
There's no other option than to like this guy."
plusjke This woman is my favorite Flemish dust ball.

"A jury that won't be sequestered!"

"never piss off the man with the photoshop gift!"
reens Well at least not if he has your picture.

"Inspectorjury has a really sexy telephone voice."

"Inspectorjury gives a licking and keeps on ticking, that old Timex is as reliable as ever."

"Timeless, ageless, hateless. Add Dave and he'll make you famous!"

"Inspectorjury should visit Toronto again soon!"

"Warning. One use causes immediate and permanent addiction."
"Dave IS the new pink."

"Inspectorjury is a loving, fun, caring friend, he will go the extra mile to make your day, his heart is strong and true, if you are a moron then he has nothing in common with you."

"Why, he's more fun than a barrel of me"

"Dave is the most down to earth, fun loving, and caring guy I know. He reminds me of something I want to hug and cherish forever because of his wonderful heart and soul. Dave is the best, deserves the best, and I simply love him. Couldn't go long without my Dave fix."

"Dave... a true gentleman, a dear friend, and incredibly witty and smart man.... who loves mexican soap operas even if he doesn't understand them :P"

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What the HELL!
I get everything else wrong.
Why would I get my,
Politically Correct???

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

I think this little poem tells you what I am up against......

Poetry Corner
My Erector Set
By, D.O.Crary

I was born with an Erector Set,
I keep it in my pants.
I take it out and use it,
everytime I get the chance.

But lately I've been thinking,
my Erector Set's complete.
For it's been oh so very long
since I've added another piece.

I really feel I'm much too young
to stop collecting yet.
So let me know, if you should hear
of an expansion set.

The things I've made we're really built.
I used my nuts and screwed.
Each piece assembled wouldn't wilt
like steel that had been blued.

I used to make such wonderous things
they stood erect and tall
But lately here, I'll say my dear
I ain't made much at all.

So if you have another piece
you'de give me as a gift.
I would be pleased as I can be,
But, watch you might get stiffed.

I wish that you could help me
for I don't want to forget.
The skills I've learned, that makes me yearn
for my Erector Set.

About me? Well, I'm OLD. Not like the pyramids or the hanging gardens of Babilon mind you. But were I a gorilla I'd be a silverback. If I were a plate I'd be depression glass. On the other hand I have four more fingers and another thumb.
I started this journal because I had been reading a young lady's and found it so bright and amusing almost habit forming. I have ideas zipping around in my head till they hit something solid then they rush down my arms and now out my fingers into my computer and off where you can say damn I wish he had something to say... Suffice it to say this makes me happy.
I just realized something today. That is I am not old. I just suffer from this condition that gives me white hair and wrinkles. I am sure that medical science will one day devlope a cure for it. But, until then I am the world's oldest looking teenager...
I like to think I am one who appreciates
the love in others. I love people who love.

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