An Iconolastic Live Journal Landmark (inspectorjury) wrote,
An Iconolastic Live Journal Landmark

I've been thinking again......damn it

Have you seen the Dell ad where the baker talks about how people try to steal things and Dell makes him feel safe?
Why would you put your faith into a company whose logo has the "E" in Delll falling over? I mean if you can't even control your logo!!!!!

Now the really sad things. The New York City food bank has a lot of people saying things like "If I close my eyes hunger will go away." You see several of those then a lady comes on and finishes with "No One should go hungry in New York City. I believe that with all my heart. But what about the rest of the world? No one should go hungry! So what do we do ship all the hungry people to New York?

Then with clean water for Central African Republic, The no more Malaria campaign. Bono and his 40 cents a day for aids medicine. The 25 dollars that will help a woman in Peru become a bookkeeper. The list is endless. My problem is I can't pick one and ignore the others. Curing cancer may be the one for me but how can I pick them and let children die of Malaria? I am parallelized with an impossible situation.

Your thoughts?
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