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Alexis here. Thank you all for the well wishes. Please please share any stories you can. Even post them here and I'll check in. Much love!! Also any donations to help with final espenses would be appreciated as he left no insurane policy and this was sudden and unexpected. I hate asking but am left with no other options. Feel free to private message as well. Address and phone number are in the previous post. Condolences and stories are priority one tho. My daughters were here when it happened and I dont want thier last memory to be what they saw that night. Thanks and keep in touch.

Final Post.

This is Alexis. Daves oldest daughter. I'm sorry to post this rather than call everyone but it simply isnt possible to reach every who dad was so close to. I regret to post that Dad passed away this past Sunday the 18th. Were hosting an informal memorial service/ carry in to celebrate the life of the old man at the PV fire station on the 30th from 5-8. (Hope he doesn't see that I called him old from heaven.0 ;) I'm personally asking people to share thier favorite Dude, Dave, Jury, and any other name he went by stories to be printed out for the family and grandkids. You can email them to me at Mail them to 9149 E. 2nd Ave Pine Village, IN 47975. Or even call me and I'll write while you talk! :) 765 430-5713.
I know he loved each and every one of you and will be deeply missed by all of us. Thanks for all the loving support we have recieved so far. Please keep in touch.
The Great Jury

A Heart that is bigger than all outdoors

Playgirl is the sweetest person. She looks out for me like a mother. She is lovely inside and out, and it is my great honor to call her my friend. Oh and we've been engaged to be married for a very long time. We plan on setting the date sometime in the next twenty years. I know she wants me but I can't be rushing into anything. LOL But in all honesty she is highly honored in my heart.
The Great Jury

Life as I know it.

A few years and some change ago I had a friend by the name of Malcom Baird. I tried to convince him to start a camping equipment company for folks who hate camping. He turned me down, which was sad as I can still see in my mind's eye our brand name.
The Great Jury

I've been thinking again.......

A guy goes into a Nessan dealer and purchases one of their new electric cars. Upon leaving the lot he is involved in an accident in which his new car is rolled several times. It's okay though he was just turning over a new leaf.......
The Great Jury

I've been thinking again......damn it

Have you seen the Dell ad where the baker talks about how people try to steal things and Dell makes him feel safe?
Why would you put your faith into a company whose logo has the "E" in Delll falling over? I mean if you can't even control your logo!!!!!

Now the really sad things. The New York City food bank has a lot of people saying things like "If I close my eyes hunger will go away." You see several of those then a lady comes on and finishes with "No One should go hungry in New York City. I believe that with all my heart. But what about the rest of the world? No one should go hungry! So what do we do ship all the hungry people to New York?

Then with clean water for Central African Republic, The no more Malaria campaign. Bono and his 40 cents a day for aids medicine. The 25 dollars that will help a woman in Peru become a bookkeeper. The list is endless. My problem is I can't pick one and ignore the others. Curing cancer may be the one for me but how can I pick them and let children die of Malaria? I am parallelized with an impossible situation.

Your thoughts?